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A Psycho-Thriller Love Story. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
A Psycho-Thriller Love Story.

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hot [Nov. 18th, 2010|02:48 am]
A Psycho-Thriller Love Story.
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(no subject) [Dec. 18th, 2004|12:58 pm]
A Psycho-Thriller Love Story.

[mood |amusedamused]

Well, I have another one.

Just recently I have had A LOT of people add me to MSN. Everytime they added me I blocked and deleted them, but I wanted to know where they were getting my address. Any ways, yesterday this guy adds me, I ask him where he got my address from and he said he got it from some faceparty account, it turns out some girl has got my email address down on her profile as being hers *angry face*..

I had to hurry offline after talking to him so forgot to block and delete him. I came on this morning, and eh was still online, along with my friend Pete. I got talking to pete, and told him that people were STILL adding me to MSN, and what they guy had told me. Out of boredom and beacuse we are piss takers, we decided that we would play a prank on the guy that added me.

He was very keen on sending me his picture wich he did..... and as youv'e guessed it... HIDEOUS....... He kepts asking me what i honestly thought, so I told him I thought he was gorgeous, and taht he looked like a WOMAN I used to date, (he knew I was female in the first place) he kept going on about how happy I made him. He then asked for me to send a pic... After plotting with Pete I decided to send him a picture of a tranny, browsing the web I found a pic of a chick with a dick doing a naked pose, looked like a porno shot, but not the the point were he wouldnt beleive it was me.

I played it up for a while after sending him the pic, telling him i was nervous and I hope he liked it. HE had NO problem with it, infact he said "its all thumbs up" I was wonering if this guy had actually looked and seen the DICK, I asked him if he was BISEXUAL and it turned out he was, he EVEN asked me out.... in the en he asked me if I was origianally a woman and had a dick sewn on (for fun u know like you do).. after telling him i was actually a man, who had been made into a woman, I think it was too much to handle, and he went offline quick sharpish, shame really......

I mean here we are, TRYING to take the piss out of this guy and it turns out he LIKES trannys, and is bisexual. Just our luck. I think we attract wierdos hehehehehe.....
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A Psycho Thriller Love Story. [Dec. 17th, 2004|06:19 pm]
A Psycho-Thriller Love Story.

[mood |rejectedrejected]

One day a girl got sent to a self help group, much to her disliking. While she was in there she met a group of people. One of which was a crazed mentalist, While on a night out in Manchester with her gay friend and the crazy bitch, the girl and her gay friend separated from the crazy bitch because she wondered off with a drunkard from Salford because she didn’t want to go to Jilly’s rock world. The girl pilled up and pissed off and her gay friend staggered to Jillys at 3 am, when they got there the doors were closed, trying to bash their way in it seemed to have closed. They lingered around outside for a while when 2 strangers asked them if they wanted to go to a party. Since it was late and there was nothing else to do, they agreed and jumped into a black taxi. Hoping there would be lots of people there to mingle with the girl gave the youngest boy of the 2 half a pill.. Entering the flat there was NO ONE in there, there was half a bottle of bud to drink… and the lights were out….. The girl and her friend sat down silent, the music was playing softly in the back ground. Suddenly the girls friends phone rings, it’s the crazy bitch….. While trying to give the crazy bitch directions to get to where they were (which they had no idea themselves) the older of the 2 men starts shouting that they are in Salford. In the meantime they realize they have no cigarettes, leaving the girl behind her friend and the younger of the boys go out to the garage………….. While they are out the girl nearly got RAPED by the older brother. Nothing happened. The girls friend came back an hour later and saw her hair ruffled up and the older brothers fly open. He still to this day thinks they did something. The girl and her friend sat for about 4 hours in the flat until the brothers sister came back and threw them out… ( I think she thought THEY were the crazy ones. After nearly being kidnapped. They picked up the crazy bitch from the drunkards flat and were on their way back never to see the brothers again, until the gay friend got a phone call from them saying they were going to Kill him, and that they were at the back of the theatre with a knife…. After this had all happened the girl found out while her friend was out with the younger brother that they were grafters and he started shouting at the police………… Fascinating. The crazy bitch got angry at this girl one day, accused her of ringing her rapist (number 7) and started screaming loudly. The girl staggered out of her house drunk and never saw her again. Until one day the crazy bitch marched up to her house and stomped on her washing….. Like you do.

Through this crazy bitch, she met a boy, had been inside for leading an imaginary car chase, which was more like he was put inside for speeding. The girl slept with this idiot but they HATED each other and argued constantly, the girl and her gay friend decided to play mind games with this poor soul, who ni return got pissed off 2 pints of stellar one night and threw up all over her carpet. Obviously this wasn’t enough punishment and so he decided to piss all over her kitchen floor as well. Much too her gay friends amusement, she pulled on her rubber gloves and scrubbed the carpet in tears, muttering “I am house proud dammit!” .. in the end he stole the girls cash card and took 250 pounds out… she never saw him again…

After a night of clubbing, The girl and her gay friend invited back a guy, he was attractive, but smelt of vomit, he was also from the self help group. They all got in bed together. Was going to be a three some. The girl fell asleep snoring loudly. While her gay friend well......... use your imagination.... they never talked again…

After this had happened, the girl threw a party, she invited a DOG of a girl to this party, they all got pissed, the dog girl ended up sitting on the roof of the pub next door. Dog girl started crying because she fancied this guy in the party who wanted pills, so the girl gave her money to get pills… while they were out the neighbors came round and threatened to call the police… The girl panicked and threw everybody out of the house, dog girl got angry and went to the crazy bitches (Para 1) house….

Next thing the girl knew, she got a phone call from the crazy bitch, she was saying that dog girl had said the girl was pregnant with the guy who she brought home from clubbing’s baby…. She hadn’t even slept with him…. He found out… Not good at the best of times…

In the meantime, another girl, had invited a friend to visit her, she ended up dumping him on the other girl, making him HAVE to sleep at her house on his own. He saw the whole event with the rubber gloves, god only knows what he thought. It didn’t end there though, the girl an her gay friend decided to molest this poor guy and question him endlessly about sexual exploits.

That same girl, another of the girls acquaintances was obsessed with her Boyfriend. They eventually broke up, when this happed she cried rape, when that was proved to be lies, she said she was pregnant. Her Boyfriend ended up getting a restraining order on her, and became suicidal. We still don’t know what happened there…………

The girl and her gay friend were bored one day, and invited another guy round he had alopecia. He pretended to be very drunk. He had a glow stick and was telling the girl he was going to rape her with it, he stripped down to his whitey tightys and got in bed with her. She couldn’t shift him.. He wanted sex and was telling the girl he knew she fancied him.. which she DID NOT.. she was scared.. She told her youth worker, who had a word with him.. He trys to talk to her still.. she isn’t interested…

Through the guy that pissed on the girls kitchen floor, she met another guy, they got together, the funny thing was that the guy NEVER talked to her, she ended up being all clingy and all over him out of boredom, until one night he decided to go and sit with his ex gf all night and talk to her.. They ended up breaking up… and hating each other… She thinks he’s gay…

Her ex bfs friend (who she had met through him) was sleeping on her sofa, because he was homeless… he only ate pot noodles, pretended to be intelligent, always fighting with his gf, was cheating on her with a girl he ignored when he wasn’t in the mood.. WORSHIPED the girls ex boyfriend, kissed his arse all the time….. she ended up throwing him out making him and her ex bf gang up and plot revenge… which ended up being a txt message telling her she was a psycho..

This guy ended up living with the girls gay friend, much to his distress. Her ex bf started going round to his house every night, they both tell him they love him, they touch him, they watch him from the street, they kiss him, they hug him, they maul him.. this is ALL done in public.

After she broke up with this guy, his big fat ugly smelly friend started texting her, he thought he was well in there.. He did this to her ex’s ex gf’s all the time.. How desperate.. Oh, she just got another text off him now, he’s pretending he got the wrong number, very mature...

While all this was happening, the girls youth worker sat back and let it happen. The girl didn’t mind because she fancied her, still to this day we are not sure if the youth worker had the same feelings… In private she had told the girl she was bi sexual.. she had left her husband and 2 kids for a woman in the past………… she has a story in a magazine.. a Bag Of Sprouts Found Me My Husband… She’s being funny with the girl at the moment..

In the end, she started drinking 3 liters of cider a day everyday to get away from it all… she did this under a motorway bridge……. Very classy….
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